Theme Meeting: Database

JUNE 6 2022

The meeting will focus on databases for collecting, storing, handling and analysing field emission data and how data from a database can be used for modelling purposes.  

DATE: 6. JUNE 2022, 01:00 PM - 03:00 PM 

PLACE: Online


13.00 - Introduction to ALFAM, Sasha D. Hafner, Senior Researcher, Aarhus University

ALFAM is a database and a model for ammonia emissions. ALFAM is an abbrivation for ‘Ammonia Loss from Field-Applied Manure’. The goal is to provide tools to estimate and understand ammonia loss and the effects of different management practices.

13.30 - Introduction to DataMan – Nicholas J. Hutchings, Senior Researcher, Aarhus University

DataMan is a database developed for GHG from manure management. The aim is to collect data at international level for all stages of manure management. The database contains data from many countries however there are currently no data from Denmark in the database.

14.00 - Introduction to Emission Data Platform, Business Manager Ann Britt Værge, DTI

EmissionPlatform is developed by DTI, for collecting, storing, sorting, calculating fluxes and data analysis of nitrous oxide emissions. The platform both handles emission data collected with the static chamber method and from automatic chambers. The platform is being developed with support from GUDP REM project, Agri-Foodture (Innomission) and Foreningen PlanDanmark.

14.30 - Discussion