Field Emission Network - helps create a faster and more efficient path from research and testing to documentation and validation of climate and environmental technologies to plant production.

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The agro-ecosystem is complex and there are many challenges to be solved in the coming decades. The government and the EU have set ambitious goals to reduce the climate and environmental impact: at the national level, the goal is to reduce total greenhouse gas emissions by 70% by 2030 compared to 1990.

To ensure that a solution within one area does not lead to other challenges elsewhere in the system, a holistic approach is needed. If sustainable solutions are to be found for Danish agriculture in the future, there is a great need for the latest research and technology development to come into play quickly - and this can only happen through close collaboration between research institutions, knowledge institutions, technology companies, associations and advisory industry.


The network is organized as a non-profit membership-based collaboration. It is led by a steering committee, and the General Meeting for all partners is the highest authority of the network. Four annual steering group meetings are held, where activities in the network are further defined. The network secretariat is located at AgroTech, Danish Technological Institute.

The founding partners constitute the core members. Together with the ordinary members they comprise the Field Emission Network.

Focus area

Greenhouse gas emissions | Ammonia emission | Nitrate leaching |Carbon storage

The goals of the network

  • Sharing knowledge about technology and test methods
  • Dissemination of climate activities, research and new projects
  • Guidelines for test procedures, best practices and standardization
  • Dialogue with the authorities on legislation and guidelines
  • International perspective and cooperation
  • Platform for starting new activities and collaborations
  • Development of database for emission data for common platform and unification of procedure for data analysis and management


The Danish Technological Institute and Aarhus University are behind the network, which is partly supported by GUDP in 2021-22. The Danish Technological Institute is responsible for coordinating and administering the network, including communication, and planning of activities.